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Soap Flowers Cash Gift Bouquet Box - Mixed Blossom (Cash-ribbon pullout type)

Soap Flowers Cash Gift Bouquet Box - Mixed Blossom (Cash-ribbon pullout type)

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Soap flower cash gift box is unforgettable Surprise Gift for your loved one on memorable day!

The flowers in the box is not a real flower, but an artificial flowers made of scented soap.
(The flower soap is not for cleansing use, but for ornamental use.)

Perfect gift for any occasions and events: Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Graduation, Back to school, Valentines Day, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, and any memorable occasions.

Great gift for year round holidays: Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easters, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, Christmas and New Year's.

This product includes
- Artificial flowers made of scented soap
- Clear vinyl pouches for cash bills (20 pouches)
- Cardboard box covered with clear plastic lid

**The money in these photos/this listing is not included.


Size - 9.6in x 7.6in x 5.3in



Cash bill wrapping instruction

 1. Insert cash bills into plastic pouch all facing back in the same direction.

2. Peel off the adhesive cover and stick it on the edge of the last consecutive pouches.

3. 용돈박스의 우측 상자를 분리해주세요.

3. Roll-in the pouch ribbon to face out the front page of bills.

4. 말아진 돈비닐을 분리해둔 상자에 넣으며 상자를 다시 용돈박스에 조립해주세요. (상자와 비누꽃이 손상되지 않게 조심!)

5. 입구로부터 시작되는 돈비닐을 붙여 마감하고, 반전 카드 뒷면에 부착해주세요.

6. Organize the completed money roll one by one, and tie a ribbon to the box to close it.

※ Try rehearsing in advance! Since the adhesion between card and the vinyl pouch may be weak, it is recommended to attach it firmly with tape.

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